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Dancing for Dan Haren?

Are the Detroit Tigers looking to get into the Dan Haren business? Two different outlets have mentioned the Tigers as potential trade partners with the Oakland Athletics for their top starting pitcher.

First, Yahoo! Sports' Tim Brown:

The sense coming into the meetings was that Billy Beane would hold Haren and Blanton for the Santana losers, but Beane appeared to be getting plenty of play on them on day one. The Tigers were believed to be willing to part with Andrew Miller as part of a package for Haren, and the Diamondbacks were believed to be in on both A's pitchers.

The San Francisco Chronicle also reports that the Tigers are interested:

The Tigers want Haren enough that they might be induced to part with outfielder Cameron Maybin and pitcher Andrew Miller, according to one source. Both would be on the A's wish list.

Dave Dombrowski has said he's content to let players on the current roster fight it out for the fifth spot in the starting rotation. But it sounds like he's also curious ("checking around," in his words) as to what it might take to add another top-shelf starter to the staff. And if you're in his position, why wouldn't you look into that?

Yet I'm not sure this rumor passes the smell test. If the Tigers are talking about giving up either (or both) of their top two prospects in an all-in/win-now type of move, shouldn't they be aiming even higher? As good as Haren is (15-9, 3.07 last season), couldn't Miller and/or Maybin also be a part of a deal to acquire Johan Santana? I mean, if you're going to shoot, shoot for the moon, right?

According to's Jason Beck, the Tigers were scheduled to meet with Octavio Dotel's agent last night.