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Thursday Morning Short Hops

Mike McClary got to sit down with's Rob Neyer for the latest episode of The Detroit Tigers Podcast. (Hey, is that why Neyer linked to The Daily Fungo yesterday?)

John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle says the Giants are not talking to the Detroit Tigers about a Brandon Inge trade. Of course, as we now know all too (and gleefully) well, things can change fast. Did you consider getting Miguel Cabrera a possibility on Monday?

According to Jon Paul Morosi, the Dodgers are a potential destination for Inge.

Check out this lede from Peter Gammons on his blog (subscription):

Bud Selig and some of his current and former fiscal bulldogs in the commissioner's office won't like to hear this, but as the Miguel Cabrera deal was about to be formally introduced, one Tigers official said, "If we went along with the commissioner's office edict on draft signing limits, we wouldn't have Cabrera and Dontrelle [Willis]."

Meanwhile, teams like the Royals, Astros, and Pirates devotedly follow Selig's salary slot edict for the draft in order to win favors like All-Star Game bids.

In a column for Yahoo! Sports, Tim Brown mentions an interesting topic that came up during yesterday's Dave Dombrowski-Larry Beinfest press conference. Having to dismantle his own Marlins rosters to cut payroll, Dombrowski sympathized with Beinfest.

"I did have to admit I had some flashbacks," Dombrowski said.

"Nightmares or flashbacks?" Beinfest countered.

In maybe one of the great understatements of the year, Dombrowski acknowledged that he'd much rather be in the position he's in now. Maybe Jim Leyland took his Florida counterpart, Fredi Gonzalez, out on a terrace for a consolation cigarette after the presser.

Texas Rangers fans love the Chris Shelton deal, judging from this thread at Lone Star Ball.

And if you missed it in the comments, Shelton could again find himself having to battle Sean Casey for a job, as the Rangers are looking into signing him, as well. Oh, fate can be so cruel...