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They Will Once Again Be Asking "Who's Your Tiger?"

HT to Billfer for this one...

"Who's Your Tiger," the advertising campaign for the Tigers organization over the last few seasons, will be back for the 2007 season:

Wade said people didn't know Detroit Tigers players, so the ballclub started the "Who's Your Tiger?" campaign in 2005 to introduce them to the athletes.

The marketing department used the slogan again in 2006 and plans to keep it for the upcoming season, said Wade, who calls Curtis Granderson his Tiger.

"Our players weren't recognized," he said. "(The campaign) worked really well."

I don't mind the campaign, although the constant reminder that "My Dad says Carlos Guillen is the best SS since Alan Trammell" got a little stale at a certain point a couple seasons ago. To make up for it, though, they brought in the "actual" Kenny Rogers to proclaim that the Tigers pitcher of the same name was "His Tiger." That, my friends, is golden.