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It Don't Mean A Thing (If Nook Ain't Got That Swing)

Believe me, it's not my intention to make this a Detroit Tigers/ Washington Nationals blog, but I could understand if you might think that, given my first few posts. That's just how things have worked out so far in my first week on the job.

Once again, the Washington Post's Barry Svrluga follows a former Tiger and his efforts to work through some things in spring training with the Nats. Trying to become a switch hitter has apparently thrown Nook Logan into something of an existential crisis.

"I was out there thinking the other day, 'Why can't my left side be my right side?' " the Washington Nationals center fielder said. "I could make so much more of an impact if I were the other way around, if it was all reversed."

Hopefully, the young man is able to figure out which side he likes to sleep on at night. Something that should help him rest easily is that Nats manager Manny Acta has already assured Nook that he's the starting center fielder. They're just looking for some bat - preferably left-handed - to go with the glove. (Sound familiar, Tigers fans?)

Unfortunately, it might not be going so well. One scout is quoted in the article as saying, "It's never going to work."

Was it just last year that there was a question as to whether Curtis Granderson or Nook Logan would be the Tigers' center fielder? That seems so long ago now.

** Implying that Neifi Perez might look good in a Nationals uniform apparently didn't go over so well with Basil at Federal Baseball. Apparently, various softwares don't want Neifi, either. Basil tried to craft a response with MS Paint, but the program wouldn't even follow the request. Poor Neifi. At least Jim Leyland still likes him.