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The Healing Power of Laughter

Look, I get it. I know Dmitri Young isn't with the Detroit Tigers anymore. He's fighting for a job with the Washington Nationals. I'm completely aware of that. But until he officially makes the Nats' roster (though he's off to a good start), he's still kind of attached to the Tigers, isn't he? And as long as we can get a few laughs at his expense during spring training, let's take advantage of the opportunity, shall we?

DaMeatHook is one of The Dugout's favorite punching bags, and that brought us such hilariously memorable posts as "Heart-to-Heart with Dmitri Young," "Guy of the Tigers," and "I'm On the Highway to Waffle House."

And now, they're at it again with their spring training preview of the Nationals, starring D.Y., Larry Broadway, and Manny Acta (who needs his own link from the Nats). Man, that stuff might never get old. (via Dan Shanoff)

(Full disclosure: DaMeatHook once refused to answer my questions in the Tigers clubhouse when I was in there for a magazine assignment. But I don't hold a grudge, even though he just got back from rehab and an interview would've totally made my fledgling sportswriting career.

No, this has nothing to do with that. Really. He doesn't have to talk if he doesn't want to. And he didn't even play that day. Besides, telling me "I ain't talkin' today, man" makes a much funnier story than whatever else he could've said.)