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They May Officially Be Bored Down in Lakeland

If the players are about ready for Spring Training to finish, I guess it's no surprise that the media might be counting the days until the return to Detroit, too. If not for slow news days, however, we miss out on little nuggets of info like this from Lynn Henning's notebook today:

Pudge Rodriguez has an impressive early stage beard going, meaning Magglio Ordonez's hair might cease being the lone cosmetic issue as the Tigers prepare to head north.

Hey, I'm not knocking this. As someone who stopped shaving the hair off his face once the temperature dropped below 20 in Michigan, I'm very interested in who might be bearding up. (And if I ever visit Lakeland someday, I also now have a Fodor's-like account of the Lakeland dining scene.)

I hope the press stays on this story over the next two weeks. If Pudge keeps his beard, then I don't see why I shouldn't do the same. Beard brohams!