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Like Stripes on the Fur Coat of a Tiger...

Once again, around the Detroit Tigers blogosphere!

● The latest episode of The Detroit Tigers Podcast is ready for downloading and listening. Tigers TV play-by-play man Mario Impemba returns to the DTP for a chat with Mike McClary.

Here's a direct link to the audio file.

● Before it apparently became a moot point, The Wayne Fontes Experience broke down the battle between Marcus Thames and Chris Shelton for the back-up first baseman's job.

Undeterred by Jim Leyland's decisiveness, Big Al has moved on to size up the catfight for the last spot on the Opening Day roster. ¿Quién es más macho? ¿Neifi Perez o Ramon Santiago?

● Speaking of Neifi, Greg Eno thinks that picking on the dude is so 2006.

● The first day of spring inspired Samela to compose some haikus for us at Roar of the Tigers.

By the way, I see she spouted some jibber-jabber about me. Kind of a Jets vs. Sharks chest-bumping rivalry thing between sports blog networks. Said this blog "smells like Neifi Perez." Oh yeah? Look here, sister - YOUR BLOG RUNS LIKE SEAN CASEY!

That's right; I went there. I'll do it again, too. Ain't afraid of you.

● Over at Tiger Tales, Lee has posted Part 1 of his 2007 Tigers preview. And that makes me feel kind of lazy. I was planning to wait at least another week and a half before trying to write anything like that.

D-Town Baseball is taking your guesses on when Cameron Maybin might make his first appearance with the big league club. Will it be this September?

● Okay, Jon Paul Morosi made me look bad the last time I linked to his blog. (Kenny Rogers will be the Opening Day starter, you say? Oh, really? Then Jeremy Bonderman must have had it all wrong the very next day!) Anyway, he gets the feeling that the dispute between Gary Sheffield and Scott Boras isn't over yet.

Based on Morosi's prior predictions, that probably means an arbitrator will settle this thing tomorrow.