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Apparently, I Needed One More Choice on That Poll Question

This has already been posted elsewhere in the Tigers blogosphere, so I apologize if it's a rerun for anyone. But I probably should've included at least an "A and B" option in this week's poll question to your right. That's how Jim Leyland's laid out the Tigers' leadoff situation, with Curtis Granderson batting first against right-handed pitching, while Pudge Rodriguez getting the top spot versus left-handed starters. (Lee had this called two weeks ago. Give that man a Guinness!)

One of the more interesting things about last year's team was the versatility of the lineup and how Leyland often found ways to move the hot hitter into just the right spot (Craig Monroe hitting second?!?) or just find a comfortable order that somehow worked. The lineup will surely shuffle around plenty throughout the season, but if it stays close to what's expected for Opening Day, that's a pretty potent batting order that cycles through nicely.

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