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Isn't He Everyone's Tiger?

Curtis Granderson appeared Friday night with Bob Berger and Bob Stelton on Sporting News Radio. Courtesy of Granderson's publicist at Full Athlete Marketing, which also brought you his official MySpace page, you can listen to the 10-minute interview here.

Among the topics discussed:

▪▪ The Curtis Granderson Off-Season World Tour

▪▪ Working with new hitting coach Lloyd McClendon

▪▪ What feels different going into the 2007 season vs. the 2006 season

▪▪ The Grand Kids Foundation, and his work with the Detroit Public Schools

▪▪ The 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking baseball's color barrier

Granderson also talked with David Laurila of Baseball Prospectus, which you can read here if you subscribe. (Tip o' the cap to Mack Avenue Tigers, where you can read an excerpt from the interview.)

I forgot to mention this in my "How do you do?" post a couple of weeks ago, but before the season starts, I should get this out in the open because it will surely come up more than once during the season. Who's My Tiger? Curtis Granderson. He was My Tiger last year, and I see no reason why that should change this year.

I can understand if some readers of my other blog were under the impression that Craig Monroe was My Tiger because I certainly expressed much admiration for his clutchitude last season, and have him listed among my heroes on my MySpace page. (Hey, Curtis isn't the only one who reaches out to the people, okay?) But that was mostly to tweak Mike McClary and his somewhat irrational disdain for C-Money. I'll probably change that soon.

Put simply, Curtis Granderson has been and continues to be My Tiger.