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You Can Always Say You Just Listen for the Baseball Players

If you're a subscriber to Sirius Satellite Radio, you now have an excuse - as a Detroit Tigers fan - to tune into their Playboy Radio channel every Monday morning during baseball season. Our favorite Tiger, your starting centerfielder, Curtis Granderson, will be the morning show's official baseball correspondent.

(I'd link to Playboy's radio page, but... well, it might not be the best idea at work. Really, I'm doing this for you. Plus, my mother might be reading this. This is, like, a family site, right? Anyway, you know where to find that link if you need to. You're an enterprising individual. If you're into that sort of thing, I mean.)

Unfortunately, the time of Granderson's segment could vary each week, depending on his availability and the Tigers' travel schedule. So I guess you might have to listen to the whole program on Mondays. The whole Playboy Radio morning show. What can I tell you? Sorry, buddy. I'm sure they'll have news and weather updates, too. The show airs from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., Pacific Standard Time.

I swear this isn't a blatant attempt to boost the site's traffic.

Update: I have been told that it will be announced beforehand what time Granderson will appear. Check out his MySpace page each week for that news. Or you could still just listen to the whole show. Because you're a dedicated Detroit Tigers fan.