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Kenny Rogers' Arm Isn't Ready to Start the Season

1270-AM (WXYT) in Detroit is reporting that Kenny Rogers will begin the season on the 15-day disabled list due to "arm fatigue."

Here's a bit more from the Detroit Free Press' John Lowe. Chad Durbin will take the open spot in the rotation, and Bobby Seay has been called up to replace Rogers on the 25-man roster.

This past weekend, I was at a University of Michigan baseball game with two fellow local bloggers and, of course, the discussion eventually turned toward the Tigers. I expressed my puzzlement that so many writers were picking the Indians to win the AL Central over the Tigers. Had they looked at both teams' pitching staffs?

Seriously, I asked both Brian and Samela, what will stop Detroit from winning this division? What am I not seeing here?

"Injuries," Brian said.

"Injuries," said Sam.

To quote Kevin Malone from The Office, "Oohhhhhh, shoot."

UPDATE: This has been confirmed by anyone and everyone who writes anything associated (affiliated or otherwise) with the Detroit Tigers.

The Daily Fungo noticed that this rather large news was somewhat buried in the Tigers' official game notes for today.