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The Power of Zumaya! The Ferocity of Gibson! All On a Little Screen!

If you're in the mood to watch some moving images rather than read words at the moment, has posted a couple of videos that might interest you.

On Monday, Joel Zumaya talked about what it's like to throw that speedball by you. (Really, what was Springsteen thinking with that lyric? Did "speedball" just sound better?) How much does he love hearing that catcher's mitt pop? What has been the favorite pitch he's thrown? And if you haven't read it already, here's Jerry Crasnick's accompanying article on baseball's current fireballers.

But today on the front page is a feature on former Tiger Kirk Gibson, now bench coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks. If you can believe it, Gibby is apparently bringing some intensity to the D-Backs' camp. Manager Bob Melvin seems kind of amused by the situation, perhaps relishing Gibby playing bad cop to his good cop. And if Eric Byrnes is calling him a "freaking maniac" (albeit with a smile), Gibby has surely made one of the kiddie D-Backs cry while showing them what baserunning really is.

"I like to compete," he says in what is undoubtedly an understatement. "I'll blow a hammy if I have to, to get my point across."

▪▪ On another note, the "Baseball Today" podcast (hosted by Alan Schwarz) is back with new episodes. (Oh, how I missed it!) First up are AL and NL previews with Schwarz, Steve Phillips, and Tim Kurkjian. Not to spoil anything, but I think Tigers fans might enjoy their thoughts on the AL Central race.