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Open Thread - Game 7: Tigers (3-3) at Orioles (3-4), 7:05 p.m. EST

Nate Robertson (1-0. 3.18) vs. Jaret Wright (0-1, 15.43)

I suppose you had to expect the Orioles to be at their best on Opening Day. With Cal Ripken throwing out the first pitch, and Kevin Millar doing the electric boogaloo, the home team was ready to put on a show for the Camden Yards faithful. And when Daniel Cabrera - who's built like a frickin' superhero - doesn't beat himself with wildness (he had no walks yesterday), he becomes a much more formidable pitcher.

Fortunately for the Tigers, tonight's opposing pitcher is a bit less formidable. Jaret Wright... well, he appears to stink. His last start wasn't a good one (his ERA thus far probably told you that already), and he wasn't looking so hot in Spring Training either. But our SB Nation broham, Camden Chat, would like to remind us that Wright has put up some impressive numbers against Detroit.

However, Nate Robertson has recent history on his side when it comes to facing to the Orioles. Last year, he went 1-0 with a 1.86 ERA in three starts against Baltimore. And though they didn't swing the bats well yesterday, Pudge Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez have hit very well in Camden Yards, while Gary Sheffield has pummeled Baltimore pitching throughout his career.

Yet I'm also kind of hoping that the team had Jobu take the fear out of their bats after yesterday's game. Cigars and rum have been known to do the trick.

A couple of Short Hops for you:

▪▪ According to's Darren Rovell (via SportsScanINFO), only two other Major League teams are selling more merchandise than your Detroit Tigers since January.

▪▪ Sports Illustrated's John Donovan has the Tigers slotted at #18 in his MLB Power Rankings this week.

▪▪ And I'm pulling this out of nowhere, but what do you think the Tigers would have to give up to provide Brad Lidge with the proverbial change of scenery he seems to desperately need? Just asking. He wouldn't have to close in Detroit...