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Do Not Take Food Off of Jamie Walker's Table

Jamie Walker will receive his American League Championship ring from the Detroit Tigers today. But after the congratulatory handshakes, hugs, and high-fives, it's back to business for the left-handed good ol' boy. And he will knock you down to get the job done, good buddy.

How does Walker feel about pitching against his former teammates? From today's Washington Post:

"Weird? I don't know... they're trying to take food off my table and I'm not going to let them if I can. So I'm going to go right after them like if I'm going to prepare for one game like I always have done my whole career. When they're in there, it could be my mom up there, if I have to knock her [down], I will."

Somewhere in Tennessee, Jamie Walker's mother is surely clapping her hands with pride.

I wonder what happens in the clubhouse when there's one sandwich left on the post-game food spread and Walker is still hungry? You'd best be ready to fight for that last ham n' cheese, son.