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The Growth of Granderson, The Tao of Leyland

If you didn't catch it, Tom Gage quoted a Jim Leyland gem in his notebook for today's Detroit News.

An article in the Toronto Star focused on Curtis Granderson and how he studies other outfielders, such as the Jays' Vernon Wells, to improve his defensive skills.

In the process of picking the brains of his peers, Granderson also gives out a few tips of his own - nothing that would give the opponent an advantage, but might help maintain health and safety. For instance, he told Wells about a "soft spot" in Comerica Park's outfield that he should watch out for.

The Tigers' beat writers then asked Granderson's manager what he thought about opposing players being so chummy and swapping such information. Not a big deal, said Leyland. However:

"Now if he had told him that Justin Verlander was going to start him with two curves, then a fastball, I'd have a problem with that."