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Open Thread - Game 14: Royals (3-10) at Tigers (8-5), 7:05 p.m. EST

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Jorge De La Rosa (1-1, 3.55) vs. Mike Maroth (2-0, 4.91)

De La Rosa looked fantastic in his first start of the year against Justin Verlander at Kauffman Stadium. His second time out, however, was a bit less majestic, giving up five runs (and nine hits) in 5 2/3 innings. So it'll be interesting to see which guy the Tigers will see tonight.

Meanwhile, I like to amuse myself by imagining Maroth saying stuff like, "No run support? I don't know what you guys are talking about. How come they don't score any runs for you?" while playing cards in the clubhouse or warming up before the game, and then getting dirty looks from his fellow starting pitchers.

(Sadly, that could be my best source of laughs until I can blow through the eight - yes, eight - episodes of How I Met Your Mother that are saved on my DVR.)

Something else that might amuse you is a post at Royals Review titled "10 things I hate about the boys in blue." Here's a one-sentence synopsis: They ain't happy about what happened last night. And I hope to have more from Royals Review this week, if I can send the e-mail I should've already sent.

Possible Stat of the Day: Maroth has 10 wins against the Royals, more than he's earned against any other team.

Probably the Stat of Yesterday: Last night's grand slam by Pudge Rodriguez was the third given up by the Royals in their last three games, which ties a major league record.