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The Pre-Series Jibber-Jabber from Chicago

● Paul Konerko says he's not worried about his slow start. And just in case you were wondering if struggling bats mean the White Sox don't care:

"We've got some [expletive] pros that want to play the game," Konerko replied, when asked about the slow offensive start. "It would be different if they didn't give a [expletive], but they give a [expletive]."

Konerko's been giving one of my fantasy teams a bunch of zeroes, and I know I give an [expletive] about that. Almost cut the dude so I could pick up Xavier Nady or Mark DeRosa this morning.

South Side Sox thinks the team might be ready to break out of their early-season malaise, however.

● In that same notebook from the Chicago Sun-Times is an Ozzie Guillen quote about his team's success at Comerica Park that might chap some Detroit Tigers fans:

"I don't know -- maybe we step it up a notch against a great ballclub," Guillen said. "They're the American League champs. We're not going to say they're a rival, but since 2004, the competition is there."

● The Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers believes that Mark Buehrle's no-hitter on Wednesday could give a jump-start to the White Sox pitching staff.

Actually, I think it's too bad the Tigers aren't facing Buehrle this weekend. Because you know he's not going to throw a second straight no-hitter.

● Also from the Tribune, beat writer Mark Gonzales thinks the Sox could miss noted Tigers killer Freddy Garcia, who was traded to Philadelphia in the off-season. (At least he wasn't kicked down to the bullpen like Brett Myers was. No more grumbling about fantasy teams...) Garcia has a 15-5 career record against Detroit.