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Follow the PING! of Aluminum Bats, Too

I know we're mostly dealing with the big leagues here, but Corn Nation previewed the weekend in college baseball earlier today, and if you're at all interested in the sport, this might be a good time to check it out. Several Top 25 teams will be matched up over the next three days, highlighted by #2 North Carolina visiting #3 Florida State.

But despite what the polls might tell you, not all of the fun is in the South and Sun Belt. They play good college baseball up here in the north, too ( agrees), which brings me to my buddy Brian, and his blog, Big Ten Hardball. If you follow Big Ten sports, it's a site that's definitely worth your time.

And if you're a Michigan fan, there's probably no better time to start following the team. The Wolverines are 8-0 in conference play (23-7 overall) and are ranked #23 in the country. I realize there's a big AL Central clash at Comerica Park to follow, but if you're interested in making it a full baseball weekend, Michigan hosts Purdue for four games at Fisher Stadium, as well.

If you need even more encouragement, as an extra bonus, you might just bump into a handful of local bloggers in the stands, too.