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Orange and Maroon Effect Day: More Tributes to Brian Bluhm

Today, several blogs are changing colors for an "Orange and Maroon Effect" day, in honor of those who were killed at Virginia Tech on Monday, and to show support for the Hokie community.

As I'm not the most web design savvy guy you'll ever meet, I was afraid of messing up the look of this site if I tried such a thing (MGoBlog did a nice job, though), so instead I'll post a ribbon.

Keeping in that spirit, I'd like to post some links to tributes that have been written for Brian Bluhm online and in print over the past few days. If you've been following the news, maybe you've probably seen some of these already. It's been extremely touching to see just how much of a role Brian played in the lives of his fellow Tigers fans and his favorite baseball team.

● Curtis Granderson posted an e-mail question sent in by Brian on his blog.

● Granderson's gesture is the lead item in John Lowe's notebook from today's Detroit Free Press.

● Lynn Henning talked with a couple of people who knew Brian from the Tigers' online community in Tuesday's Detroit News.

●'s Danny Knobler writes about sharing conversations with Brian about the Tigers through e-mail, chats, and message boards.

● Here's a eulogy posted at

● And if you'd like to contribute to a memorial fund in Brian's name, you can find information in this message board thread.