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Game 3: Blue Jays vs. Tigers -- POSTPONED

THIS JUST IN: Today's game has been postponed due to inclement weather (or what we non-meterologists like to call "way too #$@%ing cold to play baseball.") This probably shouldn't surprise anyone who had to brush snow off his or her car this morning (even if it was just a dusting).

Justin Verlander will instead go tomorrow, and if you were eagerly anticipating the debut of Pudge Rodriguez as a leadoff hitter against Gustavo Chacin, you won't have to wait long. Tomorrow's scheduled starter for the Royals, Jorge De La Rosa, is a southpaw.

So how good are you feeling if you opted for the 60-degree luxury of Opening Day on Monday, rather than the expose yourself to bone chilling cold and wind at Comerica Park over the last two days? But hey, you probably would've gotten better seats. If they were playing, that is.

The game with Toronto has been rescheduled for Monday, September 10 at 7:05 p.m.

Meanwhile, the man who should be Commissioner of All Sports, the Daily Fungo's Doug Hill, has a four-step plan that would allow baseball to avoid frigid opening weeks such as this one. I'll be contemplating it while trying to warm up with the new Fountains of Wayne CD.