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Fielding Some Short Hops

● After the news broke that Ken Griffey, Jr. and Barry Bonds would wear #42 on April 15 in honor of Jackie Robinson, I was wondering who might sport the number for the Tigers. Now we have our answer: Gary Sheffield. (via Billfer)

● And our old friend Dmitri Young will wear #42 for your Washington Nationals.

● Over at, Ryan McConnell has posted a list of 10 top prospects to keep an eye on, and as you might imagine, both Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller of our Lakeland Flying Tigers made the cut.

(I have to get my hands on some Flying Tigers swag, man. Every game is a mission!)

● Watching Angels in the Outfield has inspired From the CoPa to cast a movie about the 2007 Tigers. Thankfully, there's no Tony Danza. I'll have to give this some thought before chiming in with suggestions of my own.

● Here's an early candidate for Worst Headline of the Year. C'mon, Detroit News: you can do better than this.

● And finally, I'm going to try and spend this Easter weekend sprucing up the BYB sidebars a bit. If you have a chance, give it a skim and let me know if there are any egregious omissions or sites that aren't receiving a proper link. I don't think the Tigers' internet community gets the attention and notice it deserves, so I'd like to do my part in pumping it up.