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Open Thread - Game 4: Tigers (1-2) at Royals (2-2), 2:10 p.m. EST

Mike Maroth (0.0, 0.00) vs. Gil Meche (1-0, 1.23)

Remember those days when we used to complain about all the Tigers games that weren't on TV? Like last year? Well, no singing that song after today. This is it. This afternoon's matinee is the one lone game out of 162 that won't be televised (at least locally) this season.

So if you want to go to the theater and catch Grindhouse, or have a "honey-do" list to get to, this might be your day (with a radio so you can check in on the game, of course).

Throughout Spring Training, the Tigers seemed confident that Maroth would be able to pick up where he left off last season, after his elbow injury knocked him out for the rest of the year. And on the other side, Meche looked like he might pay off on the Royals' $55 million investment after shutting down the Red Sox on Opening Day.

For the Tigers' sake, maybe the weather won't be quite as brutal as last night, when it really seemed to freeze the Detroit bats (and kept what might have been a Craig Monroe home run in the park). But it's still going to be a cold one at Kauffman Stadium, with game time temperatures set for 37 degrees (27 wind chill).

And if the Tigers' bullpen would like to end Spring Training and start the regular season, that would be fine, too.