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Eight Was Enough: Mariners 9, Tigers 2

If Games Ended in the 3rd Inning...

We might be trying some new things here at BYB over the next week or so, as we want to get some more immediate post-game threads going. One of the things we might incorporate are Fangraphs, but until Mark and I actually know what the hell we're talking about with them, it might be touch-and-go.

However, I wanted to post the Fangraph for last night's game because I think it provides a perfect illustration:

Detroit fall down, go boom. The Tigers looked like they might spank the Mariners again after posting a 2-0 lead after three innings. Nate Robertson was cruising along smoothly, giving up only one hit, while Cha Seung Baek appeared to be another 2 X 4 headed for the buzzsaw.

But then something weird happened, and I can't explain it any better than that, so I'll defer to the professionals. Mike Hargrove said Robertson "was up with everything in the middle of the plate," and Baek said his "change-up was excellent today." Sounds good to me. All I know is that Seattle began to hit Robertson like he was a Jugs pitching machine, and Baek suddenly became unhittable. Flyouts, groundouts, and in the sixth inning, he struck out the side.

An overwhelmed Robertson was pulled after giving up six runs in 4 2/3 innings (and really, it should've been seven because Kenji Johjima was safe at home plate in the top of the 4th), Jason Grilli came in to try and stanch the bleeding, and I figured the Tigers might have a chance to get back in the game because he tends to do really well in long relief. Well, this time, not so much. Grilli got beat like a pinata, allowed another three runs, and the Tigers found themselves on the business end of a rare butt-kicking. Sometimes, it happens. How's that for some analysis?