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Bonderman to the DL

Jeremy Bonderman will be placed on the DL due to that middle-finger blister he has been suffering from. Unfortunate. For those that enjoy major-league debuts, and have already forgotten about Virgil Vasquez's start on Sunday night -- #1 pick Andrew Miller's first major-league start will come on Friday in Bonderman's place.

Miller will take the place of Jeremy Bonderman, who will be placed on the 15-day disabled list with continued blister problems on his right middle finger. The blister is gone, but the cut that remains has not healed enough to allow him to throw without pain.

Bonderman felt the cut when he tried to throw off the mound Wednesday afternoon at Fenway Park. With just two days before his scheduled start, the Tigers decided to scratch him.

"I can guarantee you," manager Jim Leyland said, "that he would not have been ready to pitch Friday."

While I'm looking forward to that, I can't find much positive about seeing another key pitcher on the DL. It's been a tough couple weeks for middle-fingers. This is really a tough break for the Tigers pitching staff -- not too mention the absence of Kenny Rogers as well this season.

I'm pretty excited to see Miller pitch -- although I'm not going to get my hopes up in any way for an explosive debut. Remember, Justin Verlander wasn't that great in his first couple starts a couple years ago, and we all watched the Twins beat up on Vasquez on Sunday night.