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Indians 7, Tigers 4

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Earned a Lecture from Leyland: Nate 5.2 IP, 10 H, 5 ER, 3 BB

So the Tribe took game one of this series with a nice showing from the offense and a few big plays in the field that halted Tigers momentum at key points in the game. There wasn't much that could have been done differently this evening, although Polanco and Sheff both going 0-4 didn't help the cause.

The catch by Jason Michaels really changed the game, as that would have given the Tigers a nice three runs in the second inning. Then Pudge grounded into that double play in the eighth. What can ya do?

Nate got roughed up once again; In three out of his last four performances he's given up double-digit hits in less than six innings of work. As you would expect, he's lost all three of those games.

Up Next: Today vs. Cleveland, 3:35 pm EST