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A Boy Named James

Kurt already beat me to this, over at Mack Avenue Tigers, but I still think it's worth posting anyway.

Over the weekend, our old friend Jamie Walker welcomed another son into his family. But he gave the boy a rather curious name: James Leyland. Walker, however, says it's not what you might think.

Walker, who rejoined the club on Wednesday, assumes most people will believe he named him after Detroit manager Jim Leyland, but that's not the case.

"I know I'm going to catch heck for that," Walker said.

He explained his father's name was James and his wife's grandfather's name was Leyland and both fought in World War II. James Leyland Walker happened to be born on Memorial Day, so it was a natural name.

Okay, so this is apparently just a serendipitous collision of sentimentality. Still, it might be worth keeping an eye on the kid. Who knows what sort of influence such a name might have on young James?

Can you imagine Walker and his wife questioning their son about his report card, only to have him snort, shake his head, and say, "I've never believed much in that stuff." Then when the parents try to press the issue, he'll end the discussion with "I don't like chewing on yesterday's breakfast."

What about when one of Jimmy's friends wants to switch his tuna sandwich for Jimmy's peanut butter-and-jelly? "When I jump in the air and never come down, then you and I can trade lunch."

Then, of course, there's the whole smoking thing, but ol' Pops Walker might nip that in the bud with an education on the finer points of name-brand beer.

But I also wonder if this might start a trend among former Detroit Tigers who might be fond of their former managers.

For instance, what if Chris Truby decides to name his boy after Luis Pujols?