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While Baseball Is Away, Basketball Still Plays

I know we traffic in all things Detroit Tigers here, but since the city's baseball team is off tonight, I figured I'd show some Motown solidarity and show some love for the basketball team, which plays Game 2 of its second-round playoff series with the Chicago Bulls this evening.

Matt Watson of Detroit Bad Boys asked various Detroit and Chicago bloggers for their most lasting memory of the Pistons-Bulls rivalry, which has now resumed after taking almost two decades off. And I was more than happy to oblige with something I think I've always wanted to write about, but never quite took the opportunity.

So if you're interested, please stop by DBB and check out some Pistons-Bulls nostalgia. Kurt of Mack Avenue Tigers is among the others who chimed in with a memory or two. The Chicago side of the rivalry will soon follow, and I'm sure that means we'll be seeing something from SB Nation broham, Blog-a-Bull. (Say, why don't we have a Pistons blogger here at SBN? We have to get on that.)