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Mea Culpa to Maize n Brew

As I try to comprehend a college baseball team losing after only giving up one hit, and anticipate Michigan generating at least a little bit more offense for Game 2 of its NCAA Super Regional series with Oregon State later this afternoon, I also feel the need to apologize for my lack of solidarity and brotherhood.

Since we're talking about baseball played by a team in metro Detroit, I think Michigan baseball is an appropriately local story (extremely local for me, since I live in Ann Arbor). So I've sprinkled a few references to Michigan's newfound post-season success throughout this blog over the past week. But in doing so, I neglected to mention my SB Nation broham who actually covers University of Michigan sports, Maize n Brew.

And Dave not only does a great job over there, but he's become a friend, helping acclimate me to the SB Nation culture and trading many rumor-filled instant messages back in March and April, when Michigan was looking for a new men's basketball coach.

So maybe you can imagine how dopey I felt last night during some pre-bedtime blog surfing. "Hey, I wonder how Maize n Brew's doing these days?" I thought to myself. Then I saw the baseball posts that Dave had written, and... I wondered when exactly I had become so absent-minded. What had happened inside my brain to create such a gap in my reasoning? Over the past week, how could it not have occurred to me that a blog that covers Michigan athletics would very likely have something to say about the recent success of the baseball team?

Was it because my mind has become flooded with all things Detroit Tigers over the past three months? Was it because the first bookmark in my brain's browser is set to my friend Brian's Big Ten Hardball when I think about local college baseball?

Regardless of the excuses I use to rationalize my behavior, it doesn't change my neglect of a blog I enjoy tremendously during college football and basketball season. And there was no reason not to head over there when baseball jostled for position in the hearts and minds of Wolverines fans.

So I apologize to you, Dave. And I hope you have something great to write about in the next 24 to 48 hours about that Michigan baseball team. Go Blue! Beat the Beavers.