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Open Thread - Game 63: Brewers (34-29) at Tigers (36-26)

Jeff Suppan (7-6, 3.93) vs. Justin Verlander (6-2, 3.12), 7:05 p.m. EST

62 down, 100 more to go, baby.

On the latest episode of The Detroit Tigers Podcast, Mike McClary seemed less than thrilled over the prospects of playing a former American League opponent, as his memories of old Tigers-Brewers games didn't recall anything special. I don't remember getting too excited over games with the Brewers either, but this current edition of the Brew Crew has the look of new hotness to it.

Or maybe I'm just geeked about seeing Cecil's kid, Prince Fielder. Only A-Rod has hit more home runs (24) at this point than young Prince (23). The only thing that might make tonight more fun was if this game was at Tiger Stadium so we could see if he could crank balls into the seats like he did when he was 12 years old. And maybe he'd clear the roof just like his father used to. (I'm not sure Prince wants to hear about those days, however.)

Suppan has the most wins on the Brewers' staff, but now almost routinely gives up four earned runs a game. He would've had to proceed with caution anyway, as the Tigers have systematically avenged last year's World Series loss against virtually everyone who played a role in their defeat. They've been like Eric Bana in Munich, knocking the transgressors off one-by-one. Jeff Weaver was destroyed when he came back to Detroit with the Mariners. And the rest of the St. Louis Cardinals were dispatched one week later. Suppan might ask for mercy, pleading "No, no - please. I didn't beat you guys." But the record shows he pitched in Game 4. So he has to go down, too.

Your SB Nation opposing view for this series is provided by Brew Crew Ball, who we'll be hearing more from tomorrow.

UPDATE by Mark - 9:30 pm


That was probably the best performance I've seen out of a Tiger pitcher in my time as a fan ... JV was simply unhittable this evening.

It's been a long wait since the last one of these for one of our Tigers, but it was sure worth it. Wow.