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Pre-Game Warm-Ups - 06/12

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Danny Knobler is reporting that Joel Zumaya had his cast removed yesterday and can now begin rehabilitation therapy on his injured finger. Zumaya will check back with his doctor on July 11, and if his recovery is going well, he should be able to start throwing a baseball.

Rick Braun has a feature on Prince Fielder's return to Detroit in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Meanwhile, the Detroit News' Jerry Green looks at Prince's childhood. (Make sure you look for the photo of 8-year-old Prince holding Cecil's 50th home run ball, as his dad talks to the press.)

First, we had Quo Vadimus' campaign to vote Placido Polanco to the All-Star Game. Now at The Daily Fungo, Josh Wallen wants to rally support for bringing Adam Dunn to Detroit.

After taking a look at the numbers, Billfer says Comerica Park can't be called a pitcher's paradise anymore.

Joe Posnanski takes a tour through the long career of Buddy Bell, whom he calls "The Wayne Gretzky of losing." His account of Bell's managerial tenure - which I thought I'd successfully erased from my memory - in Detroit is gruesome.

In another post Posnanski lists an icon from each major league team. His choice for the Tigers' icon: Al Kaline.

Speaking of Comerica Park, The Wayne Fontes Experience loves it, and will shed no tears for the rumored-to-be-demolished Tiger Stadium.

Ken Rosenthal doesn't think the Tigers will get much in return for Mike Maroth, as most teams view him as a fifth starter. (via The Cutoff Man)

And if you haven't driven on the Mickey Tettleton Memorial Overpass, give yourself a treat and take a trip over there. Beefshower has posted his Detroit Tigers Trimester Report and its long-winded brilliance is magnificent.