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Open Thread - Game 64: Brewers (34-30) at Tigers (37-26)

Chris Capuano (5-5, 4.35) vs. Mike Maroth (4-2, 5.29), 7:05 p.m. EST

So how'd you like to be the guy who follows the guy that just threw a no-hitter?

Mike Maroth: [walks into the Tigers' clubhouse] Hey man - how's it going?

Justin Verlander: Pretty sweet, bro. Threw a no-hitter last night.

MM: Yeah... I know. I was there. I was charting pitches and stuff, since, you know, I'm pitching today.

JV: Oh, you're going today? Dude, I don't know if this will come up in the pitchers' meeting, so let me just tell you what I noticed yesterday.

MM: Okay, let me get a pen--

JV: They cannot hit the fastball at 102.

MM: Um...

JV: Swing and miss every time, baby. High-five!

MM: [meekly high-fives] Yeah... uh, I don't... I don't throw as hard as you, Justin.

JV: You don't?

MM: No.

JV: Dude, that sucks. You should throw it that hard.

MM: Yeah, well... I like to keep the hitters off-balance by changing speeds, controlling both sides of the pl--

JV: Whatevs, bro. Sounds good. Oh, watch out for that Fielder kid. Dude has 23 home runs.

MM: Yeah, I know. I... wrote that down last night.

JV: Good luck with that off-balance thing. Hey, mix in some curveballs, too. Totally messes them up. I'll see you out there. [walks out of the clubhouse]

MM: Yeah, I'll... see you out there. Right.

And... scene. Ladies and Gentleman, the Bless You Boys Happy-Time Thespians!

Oh, I'm sure Maroth will do fine. Even though he's 0-2 at home this season with a 5.60 ERA.

Capuano hasn't won in his last six starts. He did, however, beat the Tigers last year in Milwaukee, allowing three runs in seven innings. But he's 2-3 on the road with a 5.70 ERA. Capuano is also left-handed, which means the Tigers' lineup is probably licking their lips in anticipation of fresh meat.

Short Hops:

▪▪ Danny Knobler says it's official: Kenny Rogers will start Friday night for the West Michigan Whitecaps. Here's more from The Surge.

UPDATE: Chris Capuano was scratched from tonight's start just before game-time because of a strained left groin. Apparently, he suffered the injury while warming up. Carlos Villanueva (5-0, 3.00 in 42 innings) got the emergency start in place of Capuano.