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Just a Little Bit More Basking...

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Just in case you haven't seen any of these (I've been out most of the day)...

Here's a perspective I think most of us will envy. The Daily Fungo's Josh Wallen was at Comerica Park last night, and he's posted an account of witnessing Justin Verlander's no-hitter with his own eyes. And it really was as cool as you might imagine.

Someone else who was at the game,'s Jason Beck, says the no-hitter had a surprising lack of suspense because Verlander was so good from the very beginning.'s Buster Olney (insider) kicks some dirt at the San Diego Padres, reminding us that they could've drafted Verlander in 2004. Instead, they opted for Matt Bush, who has recently... been moved to pitcher. Sometimes, the best moves really are the ones you should've made.

Jon Paul Morosi thinks there's no need to worry if you missed the no-hitter. Verlander is likely to do it again in his career.