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Open Thread - Game 65: Brewers (35-30) at Tigers (37-27)

Ben Sheets (6-3, 3.21) vs. Chad Durbin (5-2, 4.59), 1:05 p.m. EST

Did Bill Hall's two-run homer off Fernando Rodney shake the Tigers out of their post-no-hitter bliss? It certainly seemed to have that effect on Tigers fans. But the lineup might be scrounging for runs again versus Sheets, who hasn't allowed a run in his past two starts. And in his last 10 appearances, he's given up more than two runs only once.

If Sheets gets four strikeouts today, he'll have 1,000 for his career. But Sheets will have to get through Neifi Perez first. Neifi is batting 3-for-10 against him.

For Detroit, Durbin returns to the mound after one hell of a tough luck loss. As he has for most of the season, Durbin pitched better than anyone could've expected against a fearsome Mets lineup. Unfortunately, Jorge Sosa made sure the Tigers' batters had no response. Still, that was Durbin's first loss in his last 10 games. He's pitched well enough to deserve staying in the rotation once Kenny Rogers returns next week, but another good effort certainly wouldn't hurt his case.

A Brewers win today would end the Tigers' eight-game interleague series winning streak. (Did that make sense? I'm not even sure that was proper English.)