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Ring That Bell: Tigers 12, Phillies 8

"You gotta get in the weight room, big fella."

Jeremy Bonderman's trip around the bases (after an infield single!) in the fifth inning provided some amusing moments, but maybe the most entertaining - if you were watching the FSN Detroit telecast - was Mario Impemba predicting a home run for Sean Casey with two outs in the sixth.

Mario and Rod Allen were noting Casey's zero home run total for the season, and discussed the chances of him getting his first in the matchbox that is Citizens Bank Park. After some nudging from Rod, Mario finally calls it: Casey will hit a homer in this at-bat. And then, on the very next pitch from Francisco Rosario, Casey drives the ball deep to right field... and it hits the wall about half a foot from the very top. The ball bounces back onto the outfield and Casey ends up with a two-run double. Mario and Rod are howling with laughter. It was hilarious to listen to.

No One Can Be Trusted!

I suppose whatever virus is infecting the Tigers' bullpen with suckiness would eventually infect Tim Byrdak. What looked like a Friday night cruise suddenly became much tighter than it should've when Byrdak became the latest reliever to leak gasoline all over the field. The one guy who seemed dependable in this long, irrational nightmare came in and gave up three runs, two of them on a home run by Shane Victorino.

And surely I'm not the only guy who needed a splint to bite down on when Fernando Rodney came in the game. When he served up a RBI triple to Jimmy Rollins (who put on an awesome display of hitting for the evening), I snapped that stick in half with my teeth.

Oy. This is too much.

Pat Burrell = Craig Monroe?

I'm just sayin'. The thought occurred to me when Burrell whiffed on a Bonderman pitch for a strikeout in the sixth. His swing actually looks pretty similar to Monroe's. So did his line for the evening: 0-for-3.

UPDATE: The Cherry On Top

Atlanta 5, Cleveland 4