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Open Thread - Game 68: Tigers (38-29) at Phillies (36-32)

Justin Verlander (7-2, 2.79) vs. Adam Eaton (7-4, 5.42), 1:35 p.m. EST

Insert your Johnny Vander Meer references right here. Today, Verlander follows up his no-hitter in the rubber game of the battle between teams that play in ballparks sponsored by banks. (That needs some work to make it snappier.) If he can prevent the Phillies from hitting a home run, that might be almost as impressive as his total dominance of the Brewers on Tuesday. However, that might require not allowing any fly balls to the outfield. But if he has the same stuff he had last time out, I suppose anything's possible.

(Michael Rosenberg did some research and found that recent history suggests a pitcher who threw a no-hitter very often comes back with another good effort. I guess that's to be expected, since, you know, they threw a no-hitter in the previous game.)

Eaton might not have been as historically impressive in his last game, but he did shut out the White Sox over seven innings, and notched his fourth win in his previous five starts.

Gary Sheffield and Carlos Guillen will be sitting this one out, as previously planned by Jim Leyland. That means I'll be running a little bet with myself as to who strikes out more today between Craig Monroe and Pat Burrell. It should be pretty cool, because I'll probably win either way.

And is this the day when Sean Casey finally gets his first home run of the season? Billfer's calling it. That, my friends, is moxie.