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Hear BYB Talk on The Detroit Tigers Podcast

In case you're interested in hearing some Detroit Tigers talk on your computer, iPod, or other such digital listening device, the latest episode of The Detroit Tigers Podcast features a roundtable discussion of the team, and I was one of the panelists.

I sat in on Mike McClary's podcast roundtables several times last year, and they're always a lot of fun. I'm excited every time Mike asks me to participate because I know we'll talk Tigers baseball, but get a little goofy, too.

Just so you know, we taped on Thursday evening, fresh off the conclusion of the Milwaukee series. The topics du jour included Justin Verlander's no-hitter (one of the other panelists, Josh Wallen, was in attendance), what can be done to fix the Tigers' bullpen, who should come and go via the trade route, and which Tigers should be on the All-Star team.

You can download Episode #18 directly from this link or head on over to the DTP's home page and/or The Daily Fungo for more. If you get a chance, let Mike know what you thought of the roundtable. There will surely be more to come as the season progresses. Of course, you can leave a comment here, too.

Thanks in advance for downloading and listening. I know Mike will appreciate it.