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Mark McGwire, Adam Dunn, and... Craig Monroe?

The Detroit Tigers Weblog already beat me to this, and (rightfully) made fun of Craig Monroe's apparent preference for referring to himself in the third person. (And that's something I've never seen before. Maybe the beat writers can let us know if C-Mo's always been a third person guy or if this is a new thing.)

"Check the season over the long haul and see how many runs Craig saves. See how many plays Craig makes and how much of an asset Craig is on defense. Then we'll start talking about the other stuff."

Well, Ian thought about pointing out that Craig only has one hit in his last 12 at-bats, but Craig did knock in two very big runs yesterday, so Ian's going to move on to something else he noticed in John Lowe's article. As of yesterday, C-Mo had the third most strikeouts (67) in the American League. But Craig says it's all good, baby.

"If you look at guys who hit home runs -- (Mark) McGwire, Adam Dunn (of Cincinnati) -- if you look at guys who drive the ball -- check their strikeouts," Monroe said. "A strikeout is an out. You might as well have popped it up. It's the same. You're out."

That's right. A guy who's fourth on his own team in home runs just compared himself to two of the more prolific power hitters of the last 25 years. Mark McGwire (583 career home runs), Adam Dunn (217), and Craig Monroe (101). Those three are mentioned together all the time.

But according to this Hardball Times article (via Billfer), Monroe might have a point "how many runs Craig saves." So we'll start talking about the other stuff later, I guess.