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Pre-Game Warm-Ups - 06/19

Barry Svrluga wrote about the Nationals' three former Tigers on his blog today. Each of them is facing an interesting point in their careers right now. Dmitri Young will likely be traded. Nook Logan is fighting for his job. And most significant of all, Robert Fick is dealing with the tragedies that unfortunately come with this life, as he will soon lose his mother. Each of them, in their own ways, is dealing with more than the game on the field.

I can't remember if it came up during last night's game, but Logan has given up switch-hitting, and there's a little bit more about that in this Washington Post notebook. (There's a bit more on Fick's current situation, as well.)

This one goes out to everyone who brings up Cameron Maybin's name in trade chatter and discussion. Lynn Henning has a feature on his development in today's Detroit News. Fans in other cities seem to bring his name up a lot when talking about a potential deal with the Tigers. I think most Tigers fans would agree, however, that Maybin's pretty close to untouchable (especially if we're talking about a deal for a reliever).

Danny Knobler reports that Nate Robertson will begin his minor league rehab assignment Thursday night in Erie.

Todd Jones' performance last night has compelled Samela to create horrifying imagery.

Big Al believes Jones and his bullpen mates might be contributing to America's health care crisis.

D-Town Baseball thinks Kenny Rogers' return on Friday will have a positive domino effect on the bullpen, as well as the starting rotation.