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Open Thread - Game 55: Tigers (30-24) at Indians (34-19)

Chad Durbin (4-1, 4.39) vs. Cliff Lee (2-2, 5.86), 7:05 p.m. EST

Maybe the best thing you can say about tonight's game is that it will probably force the Detroit Tigers to get over last night's game quickly. During the regular season, there's always the next game to be played, so there's no choice but to just get on with it. I can't imagine being able to move past the meltdown that occurred, but I guess that's why those guys are the professional ballplayers, and I'm sitting here in my shorts, typing about it.

Before his last start, I joked that it was up to Durbin to play the role of stopper. But it was "kidding on the square," as Al Franken might say, because even though you might not have imagined that Durbin would be in such a position, the truth is that the Tigers need him to play that sort of role right now. And he's pitched well enough to show he's capable of ending a losing streak.

Durbin's career record against the Tribe doesn't look very good (3-3, 8.07), but this season, most of his starts have come on the road, and he's had quite a bit of success (3-1, 3.89). One problem, however, is that he hasn't gone very deep into games (averaging under six innings a start), which means Jim Leyland will have to turn to that bullpen at some point, and that shouldn't make anyone feel comfortable.

Lee hasn't been great for the Indians since coming off the disabled list, and has a 7.53 ERA over his last four starts. Of course, scoring runs on the opposing starting pitcher hasn't really been the problem for the Tigers recently.

Could it be a double dose of Detroit breakdown between Quicken Loans Arena and Jacobs Field tonight? Man, it could be a depressing Sunday morning for Detroit sports fans if that happens...