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So Long Mr. Ledezma

As mentioned in the comments section of Ian's last post, the Tigers have traded Wil Ledezma to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for LHP Macay McBride.

McBride has had minimal MLB experience (which is due to the fact that he is 24 years old), but had an impressive 2006 season for the Braves; In 71 games he posted a 4-1 record with a 3.65 ERA. This season he has appeared in 18 games, going 1-0 with a 3.60 ERA.

McBride has a very high K/9 at 10.20 this season, but unfortunately comes in with an unimpressive 1.93 WHIP. Control problems have plagued him this year at the MLB level -- he's walked 15 batters in 17 innings -- but overall lefties haven't had much success facing the guy, batting a miserable .160 against him.

On that note lefties have hit .340 against Ledezma in 2007.

There's one major factor to look at with this trade ... Ledezma was going to have to clear waivers if he were sent down when Rogers and Robertson make their comebacks from the DL. That is something the Tigers will not need to worry about with McBride.

This trade isn't too exciting. We'll more than likely see McBride in Toledo once the starters make the return ... however he is two years younger than Ledezma and may have more of an upside if he can consistently find the plate.

Talking Chop, the SB Nation's Braves site, has more on the trade.