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Nate Robertson Wants His Job Back

TigerBlog was ahead of me on this, and the guys at the MotownSports forum were all over the story (which is how I found out about it), but if you haven't heard the news, Nate Robertson pitched six innings of no-hit baseball in his rehab start for Double-A Erie this afternoon.

Even though the Seawolves were playing a seven-inning game, as it was part of a doubleheader, Robertson had reached his mandated 75-pitch limit (technically, he'd thrown 72 pitches) and was taken out after the sixth inning for Danny Zell. Unfortunately, Zell couldn't continue Nate's no-no, giving up four hits and three runs in the seventh. The Seawolves eventually won the game, 12-3.

In addition to allowing no hits, Robertson notched six strikeouts and one walk.

Surely, someone will have a bit of swagger upon his return to the Tigers clubhouse. (Or, depending on you see the situation, someone's trade value might have just gone up.) We can only hope for an eventual recap of the afternoon at Gum Time.