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Mike Maroth Has Been Traded To St. Louis

The Tigers shipped Mike Maroth to the St. Louis Cardinals today, according to Fox Sports.

Ken Rosenthal has the story, but it hasn't fully developed yet. More to come...

UPDATE: The St. Louis Post Dispatch has news on who the Tigers got in return for Maroth:

The Cardinals acquired the lefty for players to be named later.
I've heard a bunch of names thrown around this morning, so it looks like the speculation will continue for a bit before we actually know who these new Tigers are.

UPDATE: The Detroit News states that Tigers players have confirmed this trade involving Maroth.

UPDATE: The Cards' main site has this to say about what the Tigers will be getting in return:

The Cardinals acquired veteran left-hander Mike Maroth from the Detroit Tigers on Friday for a player to be named later.

The Tigers will scout a number of players in the Cardinals farm system from a list the teams have agreed upon. They'll then have their choice of player later in the year.