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Open Thread - Game 73: Tigers (43-29) at Braves (38-36)

Justin Verlander (8-2, 2.90) vs. Kyle Davies (3-6, 5.65), 3:55 p.m. EST

It's almost hard to imagine that the Tigers could send out another starting pitcher who threw as well as Kenny Rogers did in his return last night. No runs, two hits, and five strikeouts in six innings? That was the guy we saw in the playoffs last year, the one who looked unbeatable.

Of course, we already know that Justin Verlander can not only throw just as well, but even better. He's won his last three starts, in which he's allowed three total runs. (And all of those were in his last game vs. Philadelphia.)

On the other side, Kyle Davies has lost his last three starts. And he hasn't looked very good while doing it. From what I've read, the big inning has really hurt him. And Davies can ask John Smoltz what kind of big innings the Tigers' lineup can put together. It's becoming rather clear why the Braves traded for Wilfredo Ledezma.

Speaking of which, that was kind of weird to see Ledezma in against his old mates for the ninth inning, wasn't it? The looks on the Tigers batters - especially Bobby Seay - was pretty amusing. (Here's Talking Chop's take on it.) Any chance we'll see Macay McBride get a crack at his former teammates today?