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Pre-Game Warm-Ups - 06/23

Mark already mentioned this in the comments of last night's game thread, but if you haven't heard, the Tigers announced how their starting rotation will shake out for now. Chad Durbin drew the short straw and is off to the bullpen.

It's looking like we won't see Chipper Jones at all in this series.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Jeff Gordon has high hopes for Mike Maroth. (Yet he couldn't resist taking another shot at the Tigers pitchers' fielding. Groan.)

Also, if you want to get some ideas for who the Tigers' player to be named later in the Maroth deal might be, maybe the Cardinals' list of potential players for the Futures All-Star Game might interest you.

The Washington Nationals continue to be good to the Detroit Tigers. After beating the Indians last night, 4-1, Detroit now has a one-game lead in the AL Central. And it was Nook Logan's replacement that came up with the big hit.

Game 1 of the College World Series championship will be on during the Tigers-Braves game, so if you're willing to give it, it's some damn good baseball. Plus, it's a rematch. The defending national champion Oregon State Beavers go for a repeat against Andrew Miller's North Carolina Tar Heels.

Game 2 will clash with the Tigers-Braves Sunday night game, unfortunately, but starts an hour earlier on ESPN2 if you need a baseball warm-up. (It'll probably be better than Chris Berman hosting "Baseball Tonight," anyway, and you get to watch Erin Andrews. Not so bad.)

And pardon the gratuitious SB Nation plug, but my brethren have you covered at Carolina March and Building The Dam.