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Open Thread - Game 75: Rangers (30-45) at Tigers (45-29)

Kameron Loe (3-6, 6.34) vs. Jeremy Bonderman (8-0, 4.01), 7:05 p.m. EST

So is everyone happy to be getting back to some good ol' American League baseball? I get the feeling that most of us are a little tired of interleague play, but crushing the National League definitely gave a boost to the Tigers' won-loss record. And as much fun as it's been to see Andrew Miller flail helplessly at pitches, it'll be nice to see the DH in a lineup again.

The Tigers begin a 13-game homestand leading into the All-Star break with a four-game set against a team many are hoping will be trade partners in a few weeks, the Texas Rangers. Get your look at Eric Gagne and Akinori Otsuka now. (And I don't know if Jon Paul Morosi was trying to imply there was interest between Detroit and Texas in trading Craig Monroe, but he noted that the teams haven't talked.)

Pitching for Detroit tonight, Jeremy Bonderman is on the type of streak that makes writers reminisce about the days in which men sported names like "Wild Bill" and "Bobo." 17 straight games without a loss. And since I previously hadn't mentioned that, if Bondo loses tonight, I suppose you could blame me for casting the jinx.

For Texas, Kameron Loe has won his last two starts, one of which featured eight scoreless innings against the Pirates. However, the last time he pitched against the Tigers, Loe was stomped upon like a blanket set on fire. He gave up nine runs on nine hits in 2 2/3 innings. But we might have the opportunity to place a bet with ourselves: How long into the game will it go before someone mentions that Loe has a pet snake?

Your SB Nation opposing view for this series is provided by our friends at Lone Star Ball. Stop on over and say hi, or tell them why they won't get Cameron Maybin or Andrew Miller in a deal.