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Rangers 9, Tigers 6

Game Recap
Box Score
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Earned a Lecture from Leyland: Jones 0.2 IP, 3 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, -.460 WPA

If your goal coming into the evening was writing the template for one of the most frustrating baseball games possible, then tonight was your night.

It started out very well for the Tigers. A two run first-inning that saw perfectly executed baseball; a base-hit, a stolen base, two walks, a sacrifice fly and a two RBI single. After that, unfortunately, the offense decided to go into one of their customary post first-inning slumps -- they would not achieve another hit until the fifth inning on Granderson's solo shot.

But all was well as Nate Robertson returned from the DL in glorious fashion ... in an almost similar performance to Kenny Rogers triumphant return in Atlanta last Friday, Nate went 5.1 innings, only giving up four hits and one run.

And then the bullpen happened ... twice. And once again we're left scratching our heads wondering why the heck Todd Jones is trotted out in non-save situations, if any situations at all.

Not even a gutsy rally in the eighth inning could help the Tigers in this one ... an offense can only do so much to try and overcome eight runs by the opposition in the final three innings. Oh, it's bad.

Hopefully somehow the Rangers leave Detroit in a few days and accidentally leave Eric Gagne behind.

Up Next: Tomorrow vs. Texas, 1:05 pm EST