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12 Hours Left to Vote

Just a reminder that voting for the 2007 All-Star Game starting lineups ends tonight at midnight. I just about gave myself carpal tunnel syndrome last night finishing off the last of my 25 alloted online ballots, so all that's left is to continue to spread the word to the people.

Though it looks like the Detroit Tigers will be represented well in the starting lineup (and Jim Leyland - who happens to be managing the American League squad - will likely add a few more of his guys to the reserve roster), one last push certainly can't hurt.

Barring some late surges in the voting totals, it appears that Magglio Ordonez will join Pudge Rodriguez and Placido Polanco as starters for the American League. Virtually every Detroit Tigers has generated huge support in the All-Star voting, actually. As of the last count, Carlos Guillen is in second place for shortstop, and Gary Sheffield is 6th among outfielders. And both of them would be worthy selections.

At other positions, however, vote totals for the Tigers have gotten a little bit embarrassing. Sean Casey in third place for first base? He hit his first home run of the season last week. Craig Monroe is 15th among outfielders. C-Mo is starting to look as if he's lucky to be holding a major league job. He's totally on notice.

But there's still plenty of time to make sure the AL All-Star team reflects the resurgence of baseball in Detroit over the past year. Punch out the ballots at the ballpark this afternoon. If you're stuck at your desk, click that mouse until your wrist hurts. Vote with your heart. Vote for a Detroit Tiger today.