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Where In the World is Seth Greisinger?

I imagine that's a question several Detroit Tigers occasionally have on their minds as they waken on a particular morning. No? Me either.

But I do hold some residual curiosity for Seth Greisinger. He was one of many Randy Smith first-round draft choices that crapped out. Yet Greisinger did make it to the majors, which makes him something of a standout among the Smith crop of draftees. I believe he was also part of the long-ago rumored trade (along with Mike Drumright) that would've brought Bernie Williams to Detroit, until George Steinbrenner put the kibosh on the deal. But I might have my Tigers prospects mixed up there. (Please chime in if you have a better recollection.)

Greisinger eventually developed elbow problems and needed Tommy John surgery in 1999, and that kept him out for the next three seasons. By then, the Tigers had moved on, and Greisinger gave it a shot with the Twins and Braves but couldn't stick with either team.

Why the reminiscing? Greisinger has landed in Japan, currently pitching for the Yakult Swallows. He has an 8-2 record and 2.15 ERA in 13 starts. Before that, he'd spent a year-and-a-half pitching in Korea for the Kia Tigers.

Greisinger still has a soft spot for his original team, though. From the International Herald-Tribune:

Greisinger said he still has strong feelings for Detroit because the Tigers' organization stood beside him during his injury-plagued seasons and gave him the chance to make a comeback.

"It's great to see the Tigers doing so well," said Greisinger. "I still follow the team and know a lot of the players there, I'm always rooting for the Tigers."

Once a Tiger, always a Tiger, it appears. Although he totally should've signed with Cecil Fielder's old team, the Hanshin Tigers...