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Ding Dong, Mesa's Gone

Ask, Tigers fans, and ye shall receive. Either that, or this was just far too obvious a move not to make for the front office.

Jose Mesa was released by the team after this afternoon's game. From the AP:

"They gave me a chance and I didn't do my job," Mesa said, adding that he would like to continue pitching. "I'll see what is out there and if there's nothing, I'll go home and relax. If this is it, I'm happy with (my career)."

Taking Mesa's spot on the roster will be Fernando Rodney, who will be activated from the 15-day disabled list for Tuesday's game in Texas. According to Jason Beck, the Tigers will pay the remainder of Mesa's $2.5 million contract. And for that salary, Detroit got a 12.54 ERA in 16 appearances.

If you're not teaching your babies how to throw a baseball after reading that...