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Open Thread - Game 59: Tigers (33-25) at Rangers (21-38)

Mike Maroth (3-2, 5.28) vs. Kameron Loe (1-5, 6.37), 8:35 p.m. EST

If the Tigers' lineup has another 10-spot worth of runs in it, tonight might be a good night for it. Maroth has allowed five earned runs in his last three starts. His career record of 1-3 against the Rangers with an 8.67 ERA (in five starts) isn't so great either.

Loe began the season as a long reliever for the Rangers, but injuries put him in the rotation by late April. After winning his first start, Loe has gone eight games without a victory, and racked up five losses in the process. The home ballpark hasn't been very kind to him, either. Loe's record at Ameriquest Field this season is 1-3 with a 5.49 ERA.

Short Hops:

▪▪ Pending an affirmative vote by the Detroit City Council, the Detroit Economic Development Corp approved a plan to demolish Tiger Stadium. The site will be redeveloped into a mixed-use retail and residential property at an estimated cost of $3 million. A web auction of memorabilia from the stadium, including seats and locker room items, is expected to fund the venture.

(via The Detroit Tigers Weblog)